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The most interactive way to get your custom prebuilt pc!

My Story

I started this business with the pc gamers in mind. In fact, I am a gamer myself. It brings me so much joy to build and bring these amazing pcs to gamers around the continental united states. If you are interested in more or have any questions send me an email!

My Vision

Have you ever heard of the conversation of whether it’s better to build a pc yourself or order a prebuilt? My vision is to bring a vary affordable price for budget gaming pc’s and for the extreme builds, fully customized to look how you want it! Everyone should be able to get an amazing looking and preforming pc for a good price.


I order hardware from a lot of places. To name a few places I might order your hardware from for your build are Amazon, Walmart, and Newegg! Looking for an extreme budget build? I might be able to get you affordable and quality products from eBay as well.

Who are we

How it works

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Video Game Computer

Budget and mind

I have a very extensive process to figure out what you want and need within a set budget. Have a few games you absolutely need to be able to play? Have a color in mind? Need it to be a certain size? All of this information is considered in building your perfect gaming pc!

Prices and Warranties

At RepTech we charge a $150 to $200 building fee, and I ship for free within the continental united states! RepTech has a 2-year warranty guarantee for all builds bought.

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How it works

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Contact me with your name, email, and your question! We will respond to you within 24-48hrs.  

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Tel: 352-857-3774

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