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Hello, my name is Connor, and I am the owner/creative director of RepTech. I am 19 and currently live in Ocala Florida.

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My Story

At a very young age I was very interested in computers. I got my first computer from my uncle who is an I.T head of a company in Minnesota. I really wanted something that would be able to play a lot of the games I wanted to play, even though it was an old and outdated desktop I was ecstatic! It ran great and I was able to play everything I wanted to. Little did I know I would have to troubleshoot that computer through the many problems it had throughout the years. Recently I had it cleaned up, I redid the wiring to make it look cleaner, I installed a more up to date graphics card into it, and I gave it to my little sister as her first desktop gaming computer. It still works like a charm and occasionally, I must fix little things here and there. When my brother was 15, he built his first custom gaming pc, and it was awesome to watch and see it all come together! So, at the age of 13 I set out to build my own budget gaming pc. Three years later I built a $650 budget gaming pc which I still used today, and it works amazingly! With all computers, troubles come up and I must fix them, but I love every bit of it. At the age of 18 I went into a trade college for four months. Five days a week eight hours a day I would go into class excited to learn tons of new information about technology. I graduated at the end of the same year I went into school, and I know now more then ever. I have started to get different certifications in the technology industry, and I am continuing to build my collection. The best thing about this industry is that I am always learning. Within the past year I have upgraded my brothers old gaming pc with a new case, fans, CPU cooling, RGB, and storage. I have also helped a friend of mine upgrade his first desktop into a gaming pc with a new graphics card, cooling, CPU, and RGB lighting! I have continued to service, build, and fix PCs of my friends and family to this day. Now I am widening my passion with offering everything I do to people around Ocala FL. I can't wait to meet you and get to make your computer memories as great as mine.


  • Connor Maple.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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